RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Survey EXTENDED: Integrated PCP and Child MH Care
July 14, 2014

In collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh Health Policy Institute, RCPA distributed a survey in May to assess child practitioners’ knowledge of the delivery of integrated primary (PCP) and mental health (MH) care.  The team has revised the survey to address issues surrounding fraudulent respondents and is seeking an additional 100 respondents to contribute to the research study. The survey has been reopened and will be active until July 30.

The survey requires only 10 – 15 minutes and participation is voluntary.  Participants must review and agree to the research consent form and complete the survey online. Each verified RCPA practitioner who participates will receive an online $20 Amazon gift card as compensation for his or her time. Eligible respondents mustbe clinical, health care, rehabilitation, and peer support staff of an RCPA member organization working to develop or deliver integrated child and adolescent mental health care. To confirm your affiliation with an RCPA member, you must send an email from your agency email address to Trina Orimoto.  

Please contact Ms. Orimoto (412-246-5837 or orimotote@upmc.edu) with questions related to completing the survey. For information regarding RCPA’s collaboration with the Health Policy Institute, contact Connell O’Brien. Thank you for your time and contributions to this important research.

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