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Grants to Serve Youth Available in Philadelphia Area
July 29, 2014

RCPA members are encouraged to review the following information regarding a new service opportunity in the southeast region. Connection Training Services of Philadelphia was awarded a $5 million Face Forward grant from the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration to serve as an intermediary funding, administration, and technical service organization to at least three nonprofit subgrantees. The subgrantees will be selected through a competitive solicitation.  Responses are due by 5:00 pm, August 31 to Connection Training Services,2243 W. Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19132.

Subgrantees are to provide services to a total of 625 pre-adjudicated and adjudicated delinquent youth, ages 14 to 24 in one of three jurisdictions: 

  • West Philadelphia, including the federal Promise Zone;
  • Chester City, Delaware County; and
  • Camden, New Jersey. 

A total of $4.25 million is available for diversion programs in lieu of adjudication for delinquency and for expungement programs for those previously adjudicated delinquent with no adult criminal records. Core services to be offered include case management, mentoring, educational interventions, service learning, occupational training in demand industries that lead to industry-recognized credentials, workforce activities that lead to employment, follow-up activities, and expungement and diversion. The expungement and diversion components will be provided in cooperation with the juvenile justice system and non-profit legal services.

To be eligible to participate in this competitive solicitation, an organization must be a community or faith-based organization with 501(c)3 non-profit status (including women’s and minority organizations), unit of state or local government, or any Indian and Native American entity eligible for grants that are located in areas with high poverty and high crime rates. 

Eligible entities may request a copy of the solicitation by visiting Connection Training Services. All deliveries will be made by electronic mail. 

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