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US Census and American Community Survey 2010
March 11, 2010

April 1 is the official US Census Day. The census is mandated by the US Constitution to be completed every 10 yars. It affects Pennsylvania’s representation in Congress and impacts the allocation of over $400 billion in government funds each year.

The 2010 census has 10 questions such as if the residence is owned or rented, the number of people residing at this address, name, gender, age, ethnicity, and race. The Census Bureau cannot share individual respondents’ answers with anyone, including other federal agencies and law enforcement entities.

The American Community Survey is a separate part of the 2010 census program. The survey is used for group quarters living such as skilled nursing facilities, group homes, and correctional facilities. Its purpose is to collect details on critical social, economic, demographic, and housing information. Residents contacted by representatives from the American Community Survey and the Census Bureau are required by law to respond to both surveys.

A Census Toolkit for Reaching People with Disabilities and information regarding the census and American Community Survey is available at http://2010.census.gov/partners/toolkits/toolkits-disabled.php. General census information, handouts, and flyers are available at www.2010census.gov.

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