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New Information on the DPW Web Site
May 11, 2005

Information posted recently to the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) web site What’s New? section (www.dpw.state.pa.us/omap/news/omapnews.asp) may be of interest to PCPA members.

  • Several Remittance Advice (RA) Alerts were posted:
    • Region 90 Internet Recovery - A processing problem allowed claims with dates of service prior to 08/01/03 to be paid that were over the allowed billing time limits. Claim adjustments to recoup these funds appear on this RA. The ICN of these adjustments will start with the digits 5205111.
    • State Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) List: Additions, Deletions and Price Changes Effective May 8, 2005 – Price changes for medications.
  • Information about interpreter services for medical appointments for limited English proficiency and for sign language was added to the recipient information section of the web site.
  • Minutes for the April 28 Medical Assistance Advisory Committee meeting were added.

Please Contact Betty Simmonds with questions.

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