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Dichter Confirmed as Secretary of DPW
April 20, 2010

The Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee voted unanimously to confirm Harriet Dichter as secretary, Department of Public Welfare (DPW). In the days prior to the hearing, PCPA and the other members of the MH/MR Coalition lobbying team visited each member of the committee to discuss the impact of the governor’s proposed $17 million cut to the Mental Retardation (MR) Waiver appropriation and the inadequate waiting list initiative. The group also discussed the importance of DPW moving forward on the new fiscal regulation. Legislators were very responsive and most members present questioned the proposed funding cuts and expressed concern regarding their impact on services. Secretary Dichter’s response was to note the need for reduced spending and that MR services are not an entitlement. A copy of a two-page statement that Dichter read to the committee at the beginning of the hearing, as well as her work plan for the remainder of the year, are available. PCPA members are urged to thank the following senators for raising these important issues:

  • Senator Lisa Baker,
  • Senator Jay Costa,
  • Senator Ted Erickson,
  • Senator Vincent Hughes,
  • Senator Bob Mensch, and
  • Senator Pat Vance.

 Further questions may be addressed to Anne Leisure (anne@paproviders.org).


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