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CMS Publishes Drug Discount Card Information
May 9, 2004

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has updated its web site to provide a variety of educational products to assist providers, beneficiaries, and their advocates to understand the new Medicare prescription drug program. Providers may go to www.cms.hhs.gov/medlearn/drugcard.asp to download informational materials addressing the Medicare-Approved Drug Discount Cards and to get further information. The materials available for providers include an Article and a brochure for “Physicians & Other Health Care Professionals.”

Consumer Information
Providers may download and photocopy these materials from www.medicare.gov (updated regularly) to distribute, or call 1-800-MEDICARE to order a limited number of free copies (the publication number follows the title):

  • Introducing Medicare-Approved Drug Discount Cards - 11060 This brochure gives a brief introductory overview of the new Medicare-approved drug discount cards and $600 credit. (4 pages)
  • Medicare-Approved Drug Discount Card Tip Sheet - 11071 This tip sheet provides guidance for counselors, caregivers, and intermediaries who help people with Medicare compare and choose drug discount cards. (2 pages)
  • Guide to Choosing a Medicare-Approved Drug Discount Card - 11062 This booklet provides information about the new Medicare-approved drug discount cards including who can get a card, how they work, and how to choose the best card for you. (36 pages)

There is also a web-based training tool that teaches the basics of the Medicare-Approved Drug Discount Cards and Transitional Assistance Program and how to compare drug discount cards. Visit www.cms.hhs.gov/partnerships and click on "National Medicare Training."

Finally, CMS offers a Drug Price Comparison Internet Tool that features eligibility, enrollment, and price comparison information for each available drug discount card in a particular area, as well as state pharmacy assistance programs. It also has a tool that helps beneficiaries determine the best savings program based on their prescription drugs. (www.medicare.gov/AssistancePrograms/home.asp)

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