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Information Sought About Budget Cut and Policy Change Outcomes
November 5, 2012

PA Cares for All General Assistance Survey and Stories
PA Cares for All is collecting data and stories about what has happened to people who lost General Assistance on August 1. This information will be used for advocacy efforts. Additionally, there is a survey to be completed by individuals or by case managers who work with them. This is the same survey that has been on the PA Cares for All web site since July. There is also a survey for providers at http://goo.gl/yZQv5. This survey is also on the PA Cares for All web site. PA Cares for All is hopeful that these responses will more fully describe the consequences of elimination of General Assistance.    

Tears in the Safety Net
The Family Training and Advocacy Center (FTAC) is also collecting stories about what has happened as a result of discontinuation or reduction of services or loss of benefits. FTAC plans to share these stories with legislators and others to convey the harm that is caused by funding and service cuts, the tears in the safety net. FTAC cannot guarantee confidentiality and asks that individuals share names and zip codes so applicable legislators can be apprised of effects on their constituents. FTAC requests that stories be shared by:

  • Email: PASafetyNet@PMHCC.org, or
  • Mail: “Tears in the Safety Net,” PO Box 103, Conestoga, PA 17516-0103, or
  • Telephone: 855-278-0031 to speak directly to an individual or leave a voice mail message.

FTAC will share stories for maximum impact with the administration and legislators to indicate the repercussions of budget and policy decisions in the current budget and for future budget consideration.

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