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Health Information Technology (HIT) Resources
March 30, 2010


Controlled Substance ePrescribing Rule
The Drug Enforcement Administration has issued an interim final rule with comment on electronic prescribing of controlled substances. The interim final rule is expected to be published in the March 31 Federal Register with a 60-day comment period. The Federal Register is available at www.gpoaccess.gov/fr/browse.html.

Certification Programs for HIT
The Department of Health and Human Services released a notice of proposed rulemaking in the March 10 Federal Register (http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2010/pdf/2010-4991.pdf) to establish a certification program to test and certify electronic health records. Certification is intended to provide assurance that electronic health records function appropriately and are secure. There are two phases for development of the program. A temporary certification program will enable eligible professionals and hospitals to adopt certified technology to qualify for meaningful use incentive payments. The permanent certification program will transfer many testing and certification responsibilities to independent organizations. The temporary program will end when the permanent program is implemented. The certification process should ensure that each individual’s health information is secure and available when needed. More information is available at http://HealthIT.HHS.Gov. Comments on the proposed rule are due May 10. Instructions for submitting comments are included in the notice.

Electronic Health Record Standards
An initial set of standards, implementation specifications, and certification criteria for complete electronic health records and modules was published in an interim final rule in the January 13 Federal Register (http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2010/pdf/E9-31216.pdf). The rule was effective February 12.

Electronic Health Record Incentive Program
Proposed requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Electronic Health Record Incentive Program were published in the January 13 Federal Register (http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2010/pdf/E9-31217.pdf) to specify meaningful use criteria.  

Pennsylvania Medical Assistance HIT Resources
Information about health information technology for the Pennsylvania Medical Assistance program is available at www.dpw.state.pa.us/PartnersProviders/MedicalAssistance/MAHITI.


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