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Living Wage Defeated in Allegheny County
December 7, 2001

PCPA has learned that the living wage measure before the Allegheny County Council was defeated late Tuesday, December 4.

The controversial measure would have required that Allegheny County and all entities with whom the county engages in business pay full-time workers a minimum of $9.12/hour. Prior to Tuesday night's meeting, it was widely assumed that there was enough council support to pass the measure. According to council sponsors, it is unlikely that the living wage topic will be revived for the remainder of 2001.

The final vote against adoption of the living wage measure was 7-6 (one Democrat sponsor decided to vote against the measure, while two Democratic council members abstained from voting altogether).

A detailed story on this issue by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review titled "County council defeats living-wage measure by one vote" can be accessed at www.pittsburghlive.com/x/tribune-review/pittsburgh/s_6816.html. Or, contact Melissa DiSanto Simmons, PCPA's Director of Legislative Affairs.

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