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Merck Memorial Awards
April 5, 2006

The John Merck Fund, in association with the National Association for the Dually Diagnosed (NADD), will honor two individuals with the 2006 Serena Merck Memorial Awards. The awards are given to individuals not normally recognized who provide direct service and demonstrated leadership in the areas of mental health and mental retardation for children and adults. Each recipient will receive a $5,000 award which will be presented at the 2006 NADD’s Annual Conference in San Diego in October. Transportation to the conference is also included in the award.

The Serena Merck Direct Service Memorial Award for Innovation and Dedication in Practice is given to an individual who has demonstrated long-term, selfless dedication in the care or service to children who have developmental disabilities and significant mental health needs. Selection criteria are:

  • A paraprofessional or volunteer who provides direct care services for children who have mental retardation and mental health needs.
  • An individual who has demonstrated long-standing commitment and innovative care which has positively affected the quality of life and/or life opportunities for individuals.
  • An individual who, in their position, would not typically be recognized for the quality of their work.

The Serena Merck Leadership Memorial Award is given to a person who has proven leadership and guidance which have resulted in significant improvement of quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities and mental health needs. Criteria for selection are:

  • A professional who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the provision of services to individuals who have mental retardation and mental health needs.
  • An individual whose contributions have been recognized at the city, county or state level.

For details on submission guidelines contact Nancy Stockford at the Merck Fund, 617-556-4120 or nstockford@jmfund.org.

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