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PPA Develops HMO Directory
November 8, 1999

The Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA) has compiled a directory of HMOs in Pennsylvania based on information in their 1999 annual reports filed with the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH). By state law, HMOs licensed to operate in the Commonwealth are required to submit annual reports to the DOH, which regulates their operation. Annual reports cover data for the year prior to their filing. Thus, the 1999 reports cover data from calendar year 1998. The directory only covers HMOs and does not cover other types of managed care organizations.

Annual reports contain a variety of data. Included in this directory is a summary of the data likely to be relevant to most psychologists: HMO name and phone number, behavioral health subcontractor name and phone number, top geographic coverage areas, and the number of subscribers by type of plan (commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid) and across all plans. Due to the dynamic managed care market, some HMOs may change names through mergers with or acquisitions by other HMOs, or cease operation. Footnotes to the directory indicate HMOs that experienced organizational changes during 1997. More detailed information on individual HMOs is available through a web site managed by DOH at www.health.state.pa.us. To research a specific HMO follow the "Quality Assurance" link to the "Managed Care" link to the "HMO List" link.

Hard copy of the directory developed by the Pennsylvania Psychological Association is available to PCPA members by contacting Cindy Lloyd at the Association Office. PCPA thanks PPA for their generosity in sharing this information.

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