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DPW Requires Photo ID August 30, 2012

The Department of Public Welfare (DPW), Bureau of Human Services Licensing issued guidance for DPW-licensed providers regarding verification of employee identity. As of September 24, DPW licensing staff will verify the identity of certain provider staff by reviewing photo identification issued by the US government, a state, or a US territory when assessing compliance with the following 55 Pa. Code requirements:

2380.32. Chief executive officer. (Adult Training Facilities)
2390.32. Chief executive officer. (Vocational Facilities)
2600.53. Qualifications and responsibilities of administrators. (Personal Care Homes)
2800.53. Qualifications and responsibilities of administrators. (Assisted Living Residences)
3270.34. Director qualifications and responsibilities. (Child Day Care Centers)
3280.34. Primary staff person qualifications and responsibilities. (Group Child Day Care Homes)
3290.31. Age and training. (Family Child Day Care Homes)
3800.53. Director. (Child Residential and Day Treatment Facilities)
5200.21. Qualifications and duties of the director/clinic supervisor. (Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics)
5210.11. Organization and structure. (Partial Hospitalization)
5320.43. Program director and direct-care staff qualifications. (Long-Term Structured Residence)
6400.43. Chief executive officer. (Community Living Homes for Persons with Intellectual Disability)
6500.42. Chief executive officer. (Family Living Homes)

Individuals serving in the identified capacities must present identification when requested by DPW licensing staff. Although the mental health and child day care programs/facilities are not licensed by staff of the Bureau of Human Services Licensing, the bureau was charged with implementation of requirements related to verification of identity. The bureau has assured PCPA that there continues to be no plan at the present time to change the existing licensing structure to incorporate mental health licensing functions within the Bureau of Human Services Licensing. Questions may be directed to the Bureau of Human Services Licensing Operator Support Hotline at 866-503-3926 or ra-pwarlheadquarters@state.pa.us.

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