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Information Requested on Recovery Oriented MH and D&A Services
November 5, 2004

PCPA has been invited by the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) to participate in a meeting on November 22 — 23 to develop a "blueprint for recovery" in Pennsylvania. OMHSAS’ intention is to plan for system transformation so that the mental health and substance abuse services system is integrated, uses best practices, and is recovery oriented. OMHSAS has invited an array of "experts" to this meeting to "develop strategic planning for recovery initiatives in Pennsylvania as well begin (sic) to develop curriculum for the New Freedom Initiative funded counties."

In order to prepare for this meeting, PCPA requests members to provide information about what is currently in process, or being planned, related to recovery oriented care and services. Members are requested to provide a brief description of recovery oriented care and services that they offer on the short survey available from the link below.. PCPA staff may then follow-up to obtain more detail about specific programs. Please contact Abbie Hitz for an electronic version of the survey that you can complete and email. Or print the attached form and fax it to the office. Please return the completed survey form to Betty Simmonds by Friday, November 12. Email is preferred, but please feel free to fax your response to 717-657-3552. Thank your for your input as we move forward in this transformative process.

Recovery Survey Survey of Recovery Oriented Programs in Pennsylvania

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