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Contact Legislators to Restore SSP Cuts
April 1, 2010

The Coalition to Restore State Supplemental Payments (SSP) to Older Pennsylvania Citizens and the Disabled Coalition (of which PCPA is a member) has scheduled a statewide call-in day on April 1, for interested persons to contact their legislators to restore cuts to the SSP. In Pennsylvania, 345,000 people who are elderly and/or disabled, including many children, depend upon SSP. The current monthly payments of $27.40 for individuals and $43.70 for couples help people with transportation, medication copayments, food, and other basic needs. These amounts add to maximum Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments of $674 per month for individuals or $1,011 for couples living in the community. The proposed budget cuts SSP by $5.30 for individuals and $10.40 for couples. Cuts in these amounts equate to significant reductions in already very low monthly incomes.

The coalition has established the April 1 call-in day – No More Fooling Around - for added impact, but encourages continued advocacy over the next few months. A flyer for the call-in day is available.  PCPA members may use the Zipsticker on the Legislative Affairs page in the Members Only section to find their legislators or follow the link on the flyer to the Pennsylvania General Assembly web site (www.legis.state.pa.us). Contact Betty Simmonds (betty@paproviders.org) with questions.


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