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Help Needed for SAMHSA Consumer Satisfaction Survey
May 31, 2005

The Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) announced that it would use a new method for completion of the Community Mental Health Services Block Grant Consumer Satisfaction Survey for 2005 and requests PCPA member support for the process. The survey has traditionally been a paper and pencil process, but this year OMHSAS will utilize a web-based survey to increase efficiency in processing. A sample of adult consumers and a sample of family members of child and adolescent consumers who received mental health services between July 1, 2003 and June 30, 2004, will receive the survey. Consumers and family members will be asked to rate the services received regarding access to services, quality, the ability to be involved in treatment planning, outcomes of services, and how satisfied they were with services. OMHSAS will use the survey results in its effort to transform the existing mental health services system to one that is consumer driven and recovery oriented.

OMHSAS requests the assistance of community providers of mental health services to allow consumers and family members to use available computers with Internet access to complete the survey. Drop-in centers have already agreed to allow use of their computers. The survey will be available online from August 1 through — September 15. Consumers and family members will be given a password to gain access to the survey and will be able to make updates and other changes to their survey responses before the end date.

PCPA encourages members to make computers with Internet access available to those who want to complete the consumer satisfaction survey. Some people who are not familiar with computer operations may need assistance in order to complete the online survey with the responses that they want. This is an opportunity for consumers to express their opinions of the services that they have received from PCPA members, including the satisfaction that we know many have experienced. Please contact Betty Simmonds at PCPA with questions.

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