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DPW Releases Medication Recommendation for Y2K
December 16, 1999

Deputy Secretaries Charles Curie, Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and Nancy Thaler, Office of Mental Retardation, have released a follow-up memorandum to county MH/MR administrators regarding prescription medications and Y2K readiness.

The memo indicates that the Department is recommending that "all individuals maintained on medication have a supply on hand of 5 - 7 days. If they have less they should refill their medications."

The recommendation is consistent with that made by HCFA in July. HCFA reports that the "pharmaceutical industry is confident that pharmacists, governments, providers, and consumers should not experience and problems in getting pharmaceuticals they need." The industry has adequate stocks on hand and emergency response plans, according to HCFA. There is a request that persons maintained of medications not adopt strategies that stock-up on prescription refills as this may be counter productive and actually precipitate drug shortages.

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