RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


HealthChoices Performance Reported
February 25, 2008

PCPA received the HealthChoices Behavioral Health Performance Report -2007 in an effort to begin to examine what information is available regarding the performance of behavioral health managed care organizations (MCO) with respect to providers. The PCPA Mental Health Committee initiated discussion of a possible report on MCO performance related to providers. Most performance information appears to relate to individuals and populations served by MCOs, which translates in many ways to "how well do providers serve individuals and families?" But providers cannot continue to provide high quality services if MCOs do not partner with them to fund programs and make processes more efficient and effective. If MCOs do not adequately support providers, this can lead to dissatisfaction with MCO services. Review and discussion of this report is a first step in this initiative. Additional information will be collected and reviewed. The committee will make recommendations to shape a managed care report in the coming year. The Department of Public Welfare’s report is available fromthe link above.

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