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HealthChoices Implementation Announced For Remaining Pennsylvania Counties

December 15, 2000

The Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP) today unveiled an outline of the proposed implementation of HealthChoices for the remaining 42 counties in the state. The configuration of the region and the time frame for implementation are below.

Unlike other areas, the North Central Zone will be divided into three sub-zones, which will come under HealthChoices at three different times. As in previous areas, physical health and behavioral health will be implemented simultaneously in each zone. According to OMAP representatives, the sub-zones were configured to take into account traditional affiliations and population base.

PCPA will provide additional information as it becomes available.

HealthChoices North/Central Zone Public Input Timeline
Task Date
Announce Plans to Expand HealthChoices to the North Central Zone at MAAC December 14, 2000
Distribute Public Discussion Paper January 2001
Present Public Discussion Paper to MAAC February 22, 2001
Public Hearing Held in North/Central Zone Late February/Early March 2001
Receive MAAC Feedback on Public Discussion Paper March 22, 2001
Present DPW Feedback on MAAC and Public Comments May 24, 2001

HealthChoices North/Central Implementation Timeline
Northeast Sub-Zone

Task Date
Development of RFP Begins Early Summer 2001
Release NE RFP Mid-Fall 2001
Competitive Bid Process Spring 2002
Contract Awarded Early Summer 2002
NE Conversion January 1, 2003
NE Auto Assign (Effective) July 1, 2003

Northwest Sub-Zone

Task Date
Development of RFP Begins Early Summer 2002
Release NW RFP Mid-Fall 2002
Competitive Bid Process Spring 2003
Contract Awarded Early Summer 2003
NW Conversion January 1, 2004
NW Auto Assign (Effective) July 1, 2004

North/Central Sub-Zone

Task Date
Development of RFP Begins Early Summer 2003
Release N/C RFP Mid-Fall 2003
Competitive Bid Process Spring 2004
Contract Awarded Early Summer 2004
N/C Conversion January 1, 2005
N/C Auto Assign (Effective) July 1, 2005

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