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HealthChoices 2000 Annual Report Released
January 11, 2001

The Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services has released its 2000 Annual Report of the HealthChoices Behavioral Health Program. PCPA is making efforts to obtain copies for members and is in the process of securing the report in an electronic format to be posted to the web site.

Highlights from the report include:

  • An increasing percentage of HealthChoices members were provided access to treatment options for mental illness, substance abuse, and behavioral disorders.
  • Person Level Encounter Data now available from all counties.
  • Provider forums were included in annual reviews.
  • Early Warning was expanded to include Southeast counties.

Below is the introduction to the report from the OMHSAS Deputy Secretary, Gerald Radke. PCPA will post the report as soon as it is available electronically.

Dear Reader:

I am pleased to introduce The 2000 HealthChoices Behavioral Health Annual Report to you; a report that offers an overview of the behavioral component of the HealthChoices program and its accomplishments for 2000. The report provides demographic and aggregate cost information; consumer and family feedback; quality initiatives, reinvestment proposals and county identified accomplishments.

The report highlights that in all areas of the state, an increasing percentage of HealthChoices members were provided access to quality treatment options for mental illness, substance abuse and behavioral disorders. Additionally, complaints and grievances continue to be low with evidence of increased involvement by the Consumer/Family Satisfaction Teams impacting the local level quality of care. The report also highlights several quality improvement efforts by the program.

The HealthChoices Behavioral Health Program had several significant accomplishments during 2000. Specifically, substantially complete and accurate Person Level Encounter Data became available from all of the counties. Additionally, a new method was utilized to perform more targeted annual reviews that included provider forums (a first in the program). Early Warning, the quarterly performance report utilized in the Southwest was expanded to include all of the counties in the Southeast. Also, in the Southeast, an almost seamless transition occurred when three Southeast counties transitioned their subcontractor from Americhoice Behavioral Health to Magellan. All of these accomplishments point to a maturing program able to accommodate change and provide accountability through the performance and data.

The Vision of OMHSAS continues to stay focused on assuring that every person with serious mental illness and/or addictive disease, and every child and adolescents who abuses substances and/or has a serious emotional disturbance will have the opportunity for growth, recovery and inclusion in their community, have access to services and supports of their choice, and enjoy a quality of life that includes families and friends. The HealthChoices Program reflects both this vision and a realization of the Mission of the OMHSAS, in collaboration with other appropriate state offices; which seeks to ensure local access to a comprehensive array of quality mental health and substance abuse services that are reflective of the needs of Pennsylvania citizens, effectively managed and coordinated, and responsive to a dynamic and changing healthcare environment.

Enjoy reading the 2000 HealthChoices Behavioral Health Annual Report. We will continue to strive to meet the goals of the HealthChoices Program and look forward to another successful implementation in the Lehigh/Capital Zone and the rest of the state.

Gerald F. Radke

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