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Feinberg to Lead OMAP?
July 24, 2003

The unofficial word in Harrisburg has Dave Feinberg moving into the position of Deputy Secretary of the Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP). No official confirmation has been announced, however this information was confirmed by two independent sources. Feinberg’s work “on the hill” won’t be new; he served as Deputy Secretary for OMAP in a previous administration, as well as serving as director of the Bureau of Hospital and Outpatient Programs and as the director of the Bureau of Medical Assistance Policy and Program Development. Other state positions included work on the Governor’s Council on Drug and Alcohol Programs and as the director of the Bureau of Policy and Program Development for the Office of Mental Health.

Feinberg is recognized as a national expert on Medicaid policy and has worked for county governments, nursing homes, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other health care service providers. Feinberg holds an MBA. from the Pennsylvania State University.

PCPA welcomes Mr. Feinberg to this position and looks forward to working together in serving Pennsylvania’s citizens.

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