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President Signs Iraq War Supplemental Bill: Delays Implementation of Six Medicaid Regulations
July 1, 2008

President Bush signed the Iraq war supplemental appropriations bill into law June 30. This legislation includes a one-year delay in the implementation of six of seven recent Medicaid regulations – including both case management and the rehabilitative service option. Thank you to all PCPA members who contacted senators and representatives to urge them to vote to preserve Medicaid. Your calls and emails have made a difference!

In addition to the regulations affecting case management, the rehabilitative services option, and school-based services, language in the supplemental delays the following rules for one year:

• A portion of the Proposed Rule on Provider Taxes,
• Proposed Rule on Graduate Medical Education, and
• Final Rule on Public Provider Cost Limit Regulation.

The Proposed Rule to clarify the outpatient clinic and hospital facility services definition is no longer included in the bill.

The House of Representatives passed the supplemental spending bill June 19. The bill was split into two votes – one on the war funding, which passed by a vote of 268-155, and a second on domestic items included in the bill, which passed by a vote of 416-12. The Senate approved the bill’s domestic items by a vote of 92-6 June 26.

PCPA and the National Council will continue to work to keep members informed as more details are worked out regarding these regulations. Further questions may be directed to Anne Leisure.

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