RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Are You Experiencing Problems With the Medical Assistance Transportation Program?
August 18, 2000

PCPA is involved in a statewide advisory group focusing on the Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP). Several PCPA members have reported serious problems with MATP services, and reported recently at a D&A Committee meeting that they have given up on MATP. Dismayed by this response, state officials have vowed to work with PCPA and MATP providers to improve the system. State officials have asked PCPA to obtain written documentation from providers outlining the problems they are experiencing.

The statewide advisory group is in the process of finalizing new instructions and requirements for counties administering the Medical Assistance Transportation Program. Those involved believe that these new guidelines will improve the program considerably. However, written documentation from providers must be received in order to address the specific problems that are occurring.

Please take time out of your busy schedule to write a brief letter outlining the problems that are being experienced. There has never been a better opportunity to fix the MATP problems, but without written documentation we will lose this chance. Please send your letter to Lynn Cooper at the Association no later than September 1.

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