RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Clarification on New "Medication Check" Rate
June 21, 1999

In an alert dated June 14 PCPA announced the new rates for outpatient psychiatric clinic, D&A outpatient, and partial hospitalization, effective July 1, 1999. Clarification is needed for the sixth service listed as "Medication Check", code W1855.

This code should read "Administration and Evaluation of Medication", not to be confused with the new code W9970 (for outpatient psychiatric clinics) or W9971 (for outpatient drug and alcohol clinics), called "Medication Management Visit" which was released in the Medical Assistance Bulletin dated April 26.

Code W1855, Administration and Evaluation of Medication, will be reimbursable at $15, and is only to be used when a medication is administered. The code can be used by a nurse, nurse practitioner, physicia Color n's assistant, or physician. Codes W9971 and W9970, Medication Management, are reimbursable at $20 and are for the management of medication performed only by a physician or psychiatrist.

PCPA apologizes for any confusion regarding this matter. If you have any questions please contact Rebecca Heidenheim.

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