RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


New MA Claim Forms Effective November 2, 1998

Subsequent to several announcements, bulletins and notes included with recent Remittance Advices, the Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP) has issued a final reminder regarding the use of revised Medical Assistance Claim Forms.

Effective November 2, invoices and claims adjustments received MUST be submitted using the revised (10/98) version of the MA claim forms to be processed. Providers who do not use the forms will experience billing rejections and further requirements to resubmit, delaying reimbursement from OMAP. There will be no exceptions or waivers.

Federal claim forms (UB-92 and HCFA-1500) have required a four-digit (CCYY) year in all date forms since October 5, and electronic media submissions required revised specifications after October 1.

Medical Assistance Bulletin 99-98-04 (Revisions to and Instructions for Completing & Submitting Revised "Millennium" Medical Assistance (MA) Claim Forms), issued in April includes samples of the new forms, instructions for their completion and an order form for additional copies of the new forms. Providers who need a second copy of this bulletin should call the appropriate toll-free inquiry line for their provider type.

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