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OMHSAS Establishes Rates for ICM, RC, and Family Based Mental Health Services
June 2, 2000 Effective July 1, 2000

In a memorandum from Deputy Secretary Charles Curie, providers were notified that effective July 1 the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) will implement a statewide departmentally established fee schedule for Family Based Mental Health Services, Intensive Case Management Services, and Resource Coordination.

The departmental established fees are as follows:

Family Based Mental Health Services - $26.93* per 1/4 hour
Intensive Case Management - 12.45* per 1/4 hour
Resource Coordination - $12.24* per 1/4 hour

With the implementation of the fee schedule, OMHSAS will also eliminate the requirement for cost settlement of these services. OMHSAS plans to review the rates annually, with consideration given to increasing or decreasing rates accordingly. As additional zones are implemented in HealthChoices, the opportunity for providers to be reimbursed through fee-for-service at the same rates negotiated with the managed care organizations will remain in effect. This will continue to be controlled at the county level.

Providers can receive exceptions to the departmental established fee with support of their county. For more information on exceptions to the fee, providers can contact Laurie Michtich, OMHSAS, at 717-772-6736.

For a copy of the memo outlining these changes please contact Lisa Lowrie or Rebecca Heidenheim at the Association.

*As with other Medicaid services, providers may only bill for usual and customary charges.

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