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OMAP Clarifies New Consent Bulletin
February 21, 2001

In response to several questions posed by PCPA members regarding the Medical Assistance Bulletin 99-00-05, Consent Forms for the Release of Confidential Information, the Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP) has provided the following clarification.

The forms attached to the bulletin were approved by the respective agencies as meeting their confidentiality requirements and therefore, are to be used by providers to request information about an individual being treated. Depending on the type of information being requested (such as drug and alcohol information), deviation from the form may be in violation of those requirements. Alternative forms should be submitted to the appropriate state agency for their review and approval.

The forms were developed and distributed to providers to convey the approved amount of information that may be exchanged between providers when treating an individual. Deviations from these forms could result in violation of a particular agency's regulations, and the provider could be cited by the state licensing authority.

The MA Bulletin is not intended to override the Mental Health Procedures Act.

OMAP has received numerous questions about the use of consent forms released with the bulletin, therefore, they will be reassessing the forms and will be issuing a clarification on their applicability, if necessary.

Please contact Rebecca Heidenheim if you have any questions.

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