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PROMISe Billing Tidbits
January 27, 2004

PCPA has developed a series of PROMISe Infos resulting from several meetings with EVS staff (the contractor developing PROMISe) and other state officials. This Info is the third in this series addressing information relating to electronic and paper billing.

Electronic Billing
PCPA has received several questions relating to the following two items.

The Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP) does not yet know if providers will be able to access PROMISe via DSL or cable modems, etc. As of today, PROMISe will only be available via dial-up Internet access.

Providers will be able to view their claim status on-line through PROMISe, whether they bill electronically or via paper.

Paper Billing
When billing via paper, OMAP will only accept original claim forms, photocopies or forms printed from a computer cannot be accepted. These original forms are available by contacting the following organizations:

CMS-1500 (Replaces MA 319 form)
US Government Printing Office
Superintendent of Documents
Washington, DC 20402
(-202-512-1800 (Pricing Desk)
FAX 202-512-2250

Order Department
P.O. Box 109050
Chicago, IL 60610
800-621-8335 (credit card orders)

UB-92 (Replaces MA 390C form)
Standard Register Company, Forms Division
(See local yellow pages for contact information)

Contact Rebecca May Cole with any PROMISe related questions.

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