RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


PROMISe Implementation Presentation Available
May 2, 2003

PCPA has available a PowerPoint presentation on PROMISe given at the most recent meeting of the Medical Assistance Advisory Committee (MAAC). PROMISe, which stands for the Provider Reimbursement Operations Management Information System, is a new claims processing system that will support Medicaid and non-Medicaid programs. Implementation of PROMISe is planned for March 2004 and will replace the current MAMIS system.

According to the presentation, the new PROMISe system will:

  • Incorporate claims processing needs of non-Medicaid programs
  • Enhance support for providers and managed care organizations
  • Comply with HIPAA
  • Improve access to program information
  • Replace dated technology
  • Enhance system maintenance capabilities
  • Provider training for PROMISe will begin this Fall and continue through implementation.

PCPA will continue to examine PROMISe and will work to ensure that provider needs and concerns are addressed as implementation moves forward. For more information, contact Rebecca May Cole at the Association.

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