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DPW Issues Notices of Possible MA Benefit Changes
June 21, 2005

PCPA has received information regarding the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) client notices that will be mailed this week regarding possible changes to Medical Assistance (MA) benefits that were contained in the Governor’s Proposed Budget for 2005/06. Copies of a letter to providers and client notices for Medical Assistance and General Assistance are available from the link below as PDF documents. Even though the proposed changes are not certain, DPW is obligated to provide advance notice of possible changes so that stakeholders can be prepared if the changes do, in fact, occur.

DPW has established a call center for recipient questions in Fee-for-Service or Access Plus at 866-542-3015. Those enrolled in managed care plans should contact the managed care plan for more information about the benefit changes. DPW has developed a Call Referral Sheet with contact information for both recipients and providers and a Provider Information and Inquiry page for answers to questions about the potential changes. This information is also available from the link below. It is anticipated that providers will receive many questions from recipients as these notices are disseminated. Please contact Betty Simmonds or Linda Drummond with questions.

Possible MA Benefit Change Information Information About Possible MA Benefit Changes, Department of Public Welfare

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