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ODP Budget Briefing FY 2011/12
April 21, 2011

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) budget briefing on April 21 provided an overview of the proposed increases and decreases for the fiscal year beginning July 1. The budget briefing document highlights autism intervention and services, state mental retardation centers, private Intermediate Care Facilities for Intellectually Disabled (ICF/ID), and community base and waiver services. When reviewing the document, take note to federal cuts under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). Those funds were given to states as part of the federal stimulus act and will expire June 30. The total ARRA loss to ODP is $217 million.

Line Item Highlights:

  • Autism funding to continue for 108 persons currently in the Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP).
  • Proposed funding to serve 300 adults through the autism waiver.
  • Funding for three Autism Service, Education and Training (ASERT) Regional Centers.
  • State mental retardation centers includes moving 50 individuals to community placements due to litigation requirements; $33 million in state, federal, and other revenues for operating costs and fixed assets.
  • Private ICF/ID provides funding for 163 facilities with eight beds or less and 20 facilities with nine beds or more. Anticipate conversion of 114 beds to the Consolidated Waiver.
  • Community Waiver increase of $17.7 million in state and federal funds to annualize changing needs. $1.4 million increase to move 12 persons from McGuire ICF/ID to the community waiver and $2.06 million to transfer seven persons in the mental health system to waiver program.
  • Community Waiver proposed decreases in state funding of $27 million by the Program Integrity Initiative to limit group home ineligible room and board funding to 72 percent of the consumer’s SSI plus up to $7,000 in state funds for each person.
  • Waiver proposed decreases of $11 million of state funding by changing from the current Therapeutic Leave policy for residential programs to the use of an Occupancy Factor (ODP anticipates this factor being about 95 percent, but it is not yet finalized.)
  • Community base funding to include $8.2 million for case management to persons not eligible for Medicaid. An increase of $0.854 million for contracted staff to perform Individual Service Plan reviews, service definition interpretations, and supplemental habilitation requests.

PCPA has already submitted the following questions to ODP.

  • When will the state-set rate schedule be released for Supports Coordination agencies?
  • Has ODP surveyed residential providers to determine the financial deficits that may incur with the proposed changes to ineligible room and board?
  • Has ODP considered the impact of the Program Integrity Initiative on the provider’s ability to continue to serve individuals, thereby creating a possible health and safety issue?
  • The proposed budget calls for moving numerous individuals from institutional settings to the community. How will providers open new residential programs when ODP hasn’t finalized a “Start-Up Costs” policy?

This ODP Budget Briefing was recorded and will be available later today. PCPA will forward the link to that information once available.

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