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ODP Requests Additional Provider Costs Information
January 15, 2009

The Office of DevelopmentalPrograms (ODP) is requesting additional information from providers needed to develop prospective payment rates for the 2009/10 fiscal year. All providers that submitted cost reports for FY 2007/08 must complete the data requested and return in the specified format no later than January 23 to odpcostreporthelp@mercer.com.  Details are available on the ODP Consulting web site (www.odpconsulting.net) under Cost Report Supplemental Data Request.

Historical data reported in FY 2007/08 cost reports do not reflect certain provider costs that should be reflected in the 2009/10 payment rates. Three such changes are:

  1. Change in service definitions effective July 1, 2009, which clarifies that day program providers are responsible for all required staffing needs for waiver participants attending their programs;
  2. Service definition changes clarifying that residential habilitation providers are responsible for transportation to and from a day program for waiver participants who receive residential habilitation for the providers; and
  3. Mid-year or subsequent year changes in staff authorized through the Individual Emergency Status Form (IESF) process to accommodate a waiver participant’s change in need based on the IESF process.

Questions may be submitted to odpcostreporthelp@mercer.com.

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