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Aging and Disability Resource Center
August 12, 2004

A recently released federal grant may provide an opportunity for PCPA members. Pennsylvania applied for and received a federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Systems Change Grant addressing “Aging and Disability Resource Center” totaling $764,000 (www.ohcr.state.pa.us). The purpose of the project will be to operate four demonstration resource centers by the end of a three-year grant period which will assist consumers and family members who need information, counseling, assessment, and assistance in applying for long-term care services.

The Aging and Disability Resource Center's (ADRC) goal is to serve everyone needing long-term care without regard to age or disability including older persons, persons with disabilities, and persons with mental illness and mental retardation. This includes those persons who may need long-term care services in the future and want to begin planning now, family members needing information on long-term services, and professionals working with individuals needing this care.

Anticipated grant activities include:

  • One-stop shopping offering a resource for information, screening, assessment, and eligibility determination functions in one location.
  • Consumer focused services maximizing consumer choice, accessibility, and satisfaction survey.
  • Simplified and streamlined access to service referral.
  • Outreach to consumers in nursing and rehabilitation facilities to help them apply for Home and Community Based Services.

Initially two locations will be selected, one urban and one rural. There may be a future demonstration testing the viability of a virtual location.

Coordinated by the Governor’s Office of Health Care Reform, a request for proposal solicitation for local agencies to develop the demonstration projects will be issued in early September. PCPA will keep members apprised of the details as they become available. Questions may be directed to Linda Drummond at the Association.

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