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OMR Bulletin Clarifies Waiver Funding and Domiciliary Care Payments
March 27, 2003

A new Office of Mental Retardation bulletin, Clarifying Waiver Funding and Domiciliary Care Payments, reiterates the fact that people with mental retardation who live in domiciliary care facilities can receive waiver funding when eligibility requirements are met. Cited as background documents are Mental Retardation Bulletin #00-00-05, Domiciliary Care for Persons with Mental Retardation and a 1997 policy clarification from the Office of Income Maintenance. The new bulletin states that waiver funds may be used to cover waiver eligible services, within established service limits, that are not covered by the recipients' SSI and Personal Care supplement. A copy of the bulletin is available in PDF file format from the link above or can be obtained from Lynn Keltz.

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