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Certified Investigator Re-certification
July 1, 2004

As of July 7, the Office of Mental Retardation Certified Investigation Re-certification courses will be available on the Learning Management System (LMS) at www.humanservices-r.state.pa.us/HCSISLMS. Initial certification is valid for a three-year period. Re-certification is only necessary for individuals who expect to be conducting Certified Investigations. In order to maintain certification, certified investigators must:

  • Have completed three certified investigations required by the Incident Management Bulletin during the certification period; and,
  • Attend the one (1) day re-certification class;


If an investigator wishes to continue to conduct certified investigations and has done less than three investigations during the certification period the investigator must:

  • Actively participate in the quarterly or semi-annual peer review of the quality of investigations by serving as a member of a Peer Review committee or a Risk Management committee (reference Pennsylvania Certified Investigators Manual, Appendix III). Participation is defined as using the evaluation tools to review the investigations and discussing the results in the committee (reference Pennsylvania Certified Investigators Manual, Appendix III); and,
  • Attend the one (1) day re-certification class.

If you need to be re-certified you will only be able to enroll in a re-certification course within four (4) months prior to the expiration of your certification. Please be sure to fax or mail the Verification of Re-certification Requirements, Form B prior to the course (available as a download on LMS). A bulletin will be issued soon with details regarding certification and re-certification requirements.

Watch for upcoming information regarding the new Certified Investigator courses.

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