RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Update on Cross Systems Licensing/Adolescent and Adult Part Day Regulations
November 14, 2002


The Cross Systems Licensing Project was originally created in response to Governor's Executive Order 1996-1. The intent was to eliminate duplication and to streamline regulatory/licensing management. PCPA has expressed many concerns about this initiative. The primary concern is that "one size does not fit all" as it relates to the variety of services that have been put together in this project. PCPA believes strongly that the proposed structure that breaks out specific areas into subsections is not sufficient and still imposes unneeded regulations on programs. Instead of reducing regulatory burden, the exact opposite is occurring. The regulatory burden is being increased.

PCPA has asked that the Departments of Welfare, Health, and Aging look internally at the regulatory/licensing initiatives in an effort to streamline them in accordance with the Governor's Executive Order. The departments should help to coordinate regulatory/licensing cross systems efforts such as team visits/audits, memos of understanding between offices, and sharing of information among departments and offices for multi-service agencies. PCPA strongly suggested that the respective program office affected by the proposed regulatory changes work with their stakeholders to implement any necessary changes in its programs that will reflect the current values of the program office, the needs of the stakeholders, and the Governor's Executive Order.

Recent News:

PCPA has received mixed messages about the future of the Cross Systems Licensing Project. It appears that each program office will be working with their stakeholders to obtain comments and suggestions on the further development of the regulations. The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) recently sent out a copy of the regulations for review. However, with the changes in the administration forthcoming in January 2003 it is expected that this project will be dramatically changed or eliminated. The OMR materials distributed are available through the Members Only section of the web site, through the green navigational button "Cross Systems Issues."

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