RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Draft OMR Bulletin on County MH/MR Programs
January 30, 2002

The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) has issued a draft bulletin on Roles, Functions, Responsibilities of County MH/MR Programs. It incorporates current roles as well as most aspects of Transformation, including those that are not yet fully developed. Comments are due to Mel Knowlton, OMR, by March 15.

The draft refers to actions that will result from other draft bulletins when they are finalized, such as registering applicants for MR services and determining eligibility for MR services and level of care for Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/MR). It also references counties monitoring providers, stating that this is a standardized function based on an OMR designed tool and protocol. PCPA participated in one meeting on Performance Monitoring of Providers (PMOP) but it was understood that there was much more work to be done on the ideas generated at that meeting.

For a copy of the draft bulletin, click on the link below.

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