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OMR Presents Draft Bulletin On Pro Re Nata Medication Usage for Persons with Mental Retardation and Mental Illness
November 15, 2001

The Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) has prepared a draft Information Bulletin titled "Pro Re Nata Medication Usage - Clarification of Interpretation." It is expected that it will be signed within the next month. The draft was handed out at the Dual Diagnosis Forum on November 14.

The purpose of the Bulletin "is to clarify the interpretations in the Licensing Inspection Instruments (LII) for Community Homes for Individuals with Mental Retardation, Family Living Homes and Adult Training Facilities relating to the use of Pro Re Nata (PRN) medications to treat episodically occurring symptoms of a psychiatric disorder and not simply for behavior control; and to ensure the appropriate use of PRN medications in the Mental Retardation Community by establishing guidelines."

This Bulletin was designed for those serving persons who have both mental illness and mental retardation. According to David Kaufman from OMR's Licensing Office, the Bulletin states and clarifies current practice.

For copies of this draft Information Bulletin, please pick one up at the PCPA Mental Health or Mental Retardation Committee meetings on November 20 at the Holiday Inn Grantville, or call PCPA.

MEDS Update From OMR Pharmacists

At the Dual Diagnosis Forum, John Fris, OMR's staff pharmacist, presented information about treating Hepatitis B and the consequences of not doing so. He also discussed other medication issues, including the interaction of grapefruit juice with various medications. He stated that a warning has been issued for the use of Topamax for the management of certain mental disorders. This is an unapproved use and can cause side effects, typically within the first month of use, such as the sudden onset of blurred vision or difficulty seeing and sometimes eye pain. For a copy of his informative handouts, please call PCPA or pick them up at the MH and MR Committee meetings on November 20.

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