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HCSIS Bit: Clarifications of Existing Service Definitions
October 23, 2003

Pursuant to the Deputy Secretary’s August 26 letter to the County MH/MR Administrators, the following clarifications to the November 5, 2002 service and unit definitions will be implemented in HCSIS as of October 21.

Service Changes:

  • 6.3 Home Finding and 7.6 Career Education are available services only in the Consolidated Waiver
  • Transportation Services: added 5.3 Individual Transportation

Unit Changes:

  • All residential services are available in a one day unit
  • 1.2 Adult Training Services are available in a one day unit
  • 1.3 Pre-Vocational Services are available in a one day unit

Providers will see these changes within Provider Access as they are signing-up for services. Supports Coordinators will be aware of these changes as they select services for ISPs via the SSD screen in HCSIS: ISP to Services and Supports to SSD.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the county or region management for policy or operational assistance and the Help Desk at 866-444-1264 for HCSIS assistance.

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