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OMR Feedback Opportunity on Incident Management
July 12, 2002

The following letter was prepared by the Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) for distribution to providers of mental retardation supports and services.

Incident Management Feedback

Implementation of the Incident Management (IM) Bulletin was phased in across the Commonwealth starting in March. IM reporting is now statewide as all counties and providers are using the HCSIS IM subsystem to report incidents. The initial rollout of IM has proceeded very well; a few providers have experienced some difficulty and these problems have been addressed through the HCSIS Help Desk.

With statewide implementation complete, the OMR seeks to be responsive to user feedback concerning their initial experiences in reporting incidents. The OMR has developed a plan to gather feedback on implementation of the Incident Management Bulletin and HCSIS IM reporting through focus group meetings and a web based questionnaire.

The OMR has planned a series of focus group meetings for providers and counties. Each OMR Regional Office based upon their initial implementation schedule are planning focus group meetings. The focus groups will be structured to gather information concerning the IM policy, the HCSIS IM subsystem and IM training. For provider sessions the Regional Offices will invite ten to twelve providers who are high volume users of HCSIS IM. The individuals preferably should be from upper management and have had experience reporting incidents. Additional focus groups will be held on a Regional basis for those providers who frequently use HCSIS IM but were not invited to the first Regional focus group.

In addition to the focus group meetings OMR has developed a web-based feedback questionnaire in Zoomerang. The questionnaire, consisting of approximately 20 questions, seeks to gain information from those who file incident reports in HCSIS IM. Point Persons and Incident Management Provider Representatives who have regularly used HCSIS IM will be e-mailed a web link that can be accessed to complete the survey; only the person e-mailed the link is to fill out the survey. The survey can be completed quickly and there is a section for text comments. Responses to the survey are confidential and will be used only in an aggregate format.

Information gathered through the focus groups, the questionnaire, and data in HCSIS IM will be used by a work group developed by OMR for the purpose of recommending revisions to the IM policy and/or the HCSIS IM subsystem. Once the necessary revisions are made, OMR will begin the process to publish proposed regulations.

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