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HCSIS Downtime and Incident Management Contingency Plan
August 2, 2002

This information is derived from an OMR "HCSIS Bit".

HCSIS will be unavailable to all users from 8:00 am Saturday, August 3rd until 8:00 a.m. Monday, August 5th in order to prepare for implementation of Phase 2.0 for the pilot county programs. HCSIS cannot be used during this time.

To file an Incident Report during this time, please use the IM Contingency Plan found in MR Bulletin 00-02-02 titled Announcement of the Incident Management Implementation Schedule and Contingency Plan. The pertinent section of the Bulletin is below.

IM CONTINGENCY PLAN (Extracted from Bulletin #00-02-02)

In the event that a county or provider is unable to report an incident through the Home and Community Services Information System (HCSIS), a contingency plan for reporting is described below. This plan is intended to allow for the reporting of incidents via fax in order to meet regulatory requirements for reporting. Should it be necessary for a county or provider to fax an incident report, they must enter the incident into HCSIS once access to HCSIS can be established.

Incidents that are reported via fax are to be recorded on a copy of the attached Initial Notification Contingency Form (a modified MR 8; MR 8-A form). The modification of the MR 8 form allows for the inclusion of information on the nature of the incident and the name of the designated point person. This reporting method will satisfy regulatory requirement to report an incident. In the event of a serious incident (abuse with injury, suspicious death, etc.) a provider should also call their OMR Regional Office and County MH/MR Program to alert OMR and the county of the incident. Family notification is to be made in accordance with Mental Retardation Bulletin 00-01-05, Incident Management.

Once complete, the Initial Notification Contingency Form is to be faxed to the appropriate OMR Regional Office and to the County MH/MR Program. The form should have a fax cover sheet that identifies the fax as a reportable incident notification and states the reason that the report needed to be faxed. Faxing the Initial Notification Contingency Form is a short-term solution for meeting regulatory requirement for reporting incidents; however, once access to HCSIS can be established, the incident must be entered into HCSIS.

Questions may be addressed to:

OMR Regional Offices

  • Northeast Region (570) 963-4391 or FAX (570) 963-3177
  • Southeast Region (215) 560-2242 or FAX (215) 560-3043
  • Central Region (717) 772-6507 or FAX (717) 772-7308
  • Western Region (412) 565-5144 or FAX (412) 565-5479

HCSIS Help Desk (866) 444-1264 (this is a toll free number)

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