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HCSIS BIT: Incident Management, Daily Management Report and Incident Management, Aging Report
July 26, 2002

(provided by the Office of Mental Retardation)

This HCSIS Bit is to alert you that the Office of Mental Retardation has recently enhanced the HCSIS Incident Management System by adding two new reports, an IM Daily Management Report and an IM Aging Report.

The link to the IM Daily Management screen is located along the top dark blue navigation bar directly following the Un/Resolved link. The data extract used to produce the report is updated each night. The benefits of adding this new functionality are to assist the county, the Bureau of State Operated Facilities and the OMR Regional Office, who have the Incident Manager role and Incident Reviewer role, to quickly identify all incidents that have been finalized and are awaiting management review action by the county, BSOF or OMR Regional Office. An Incident Search Criteria box will allow users to enter a 'From Date' and a 'To Date' and HCSIS will then display all incidents within that date range. Once the Regional office has conducted a management review with an approval status, the incident will no longer be displayed as it is considered closed. There is also an option to include State Center incidents if desired.

The screen displaying the results of the search will include the following: Incident ID, Incident Date, Primary Nature, Secondary Nature, Most Recent Milestone (Final Report Finalized), Provider, Registration County and County Review Status (Approved, Not Approved, None).

The Incident ID will link the user directly to the incident filed in HCSIS. A quick tip that will allow the user to keep the results on the screen while conducting a management review of the incident is to 'right' mouse click on the Incident ID and select 'Open In New Window' from the options available. This will open a new window while keeping the Daily Management screen active on the browser. Once the management review is complete, simply close the Management Review browser window by clicking the "X" button in the upper right corner. Then, the IM Daily Management results will still be present in the original browser window. Repeat this process for the next incident by right clicking on the incident ID and selecting 'Open In New Window'.

The IM Aging report is located under the Reports Link. This new report allows the IM user to determine the length of time a report is past due the designated filing period. The report shows the past due period for the Initial Notification Report (24 hr), Incident Report (5 days), Final Report (30days) and Extension Notice (date determined by Point Person). Due dates are calculated from the date the incident occurred or was recognized/discovered. The report shows the number of whole days a report is past due.

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