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HCSIS Update: Ability to Finalize ISPs Without Services
November 1, 2003

Beginning October 30 HCSIS users will have the ability to submit plans without services for approval. What this means to you:

  1. Supports Coordinators with current, non-waiver plans can now submit these plans for approval.
  2. Supports Coordinators can create a new draft plan with the previously saved information, once plans without services are approved.
  3. Submit your plans to avoid losing the draft information!!

While HCSIS will allow plans to be finalized, other programmatic requirements such as waiver and licensing requirements remain in effect regarding the completion of ISPs. This change is intended as a short-term solution and will not address draft plans that are beyond the proposed end date. The technical team is researching long-term solutions to address this issue.

The ISP enhancement requests that are being researched include:

  • PCR 5752 – Allow users to submit annual review plans after the end date of the previous plan;
  • PCR 5753 – Create/Modify a report that displays expired plans that SCs have to work on; and,
  • PCR 5751 – Allow users to create an annual review plan after the end date of the previous plan has passed.

For additional information contact the HCSIS Help Desk at 866-444-1264.

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