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OMR Reports on HCSIS Phase 2.1
February 6, 2003

According to the Office of Mental Retardation (OMR), Wave 1, Week 1 of HCSIS Phase 2.1 was successful, with all counties online and completing plans and case comments in HCSIS. The following counties were involved in Wave 1:

  • Columbia, Snyder, Montour, Union
  • Lancaster
  • York/Adams
  • Northumberland
  • Lebanon
  • Cumberland/Perry

The number of HCSIS users has increased and OMR reports that HCSIS continues to perform well at the expected levels. On January 29 HCSIS was moved to it's own server. According to the Helpdesk, HCSIS has been running very smoothly since that transition, except for a short time during the afternoon of January 30.

Providers should continue to call the Helpdesk with any HCSIS performance issues. All calls are logged into a Tracking System so that trends and issues are known and monitored. As users become more sophisticated, questions become more technical and may require the Helpdesk to return calls at a later time, to resolve the issues.

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