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OMR Clarifies an ICF/MR Policy
August 1, 2003

Deputy Secretary Kevin Casey of the Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) clarified policy on new residential settings and changes to existing residential settings for Non-State ICF/MR programs in a letter dated July 28. Attached to the letter is a copy of the 1996 issue of the Pennsylvania Bulletin that deals with Certificate of Need and exceptions to the stated policy, as well as the 1996 bulletin Criteria for Approval of New Intermediate Care Facilities for People with Mental Retardation. Casey’s letter makes it very clear that OMR will not issue a license for any new residential setting that is larger than four people. There is also a note in the letter about conversion of existing state-funded programs to ICF/MR.

This policy clarification may be a response to advocates’ concerns that some ICF/MR providers seem to be trying to use larger residential settings as a cost-saving approach.

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