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IDD Updates - Week of January 9, 2012
January 12, 2012

A PCPA Legislative Info provided an overview of the IDA Coalition’s meeting January 10 with the Governor’s Policy Office regarding Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) funding issues. PCPA emphasized the need for a supplemental budget of $46 million in state funds to cover ODP deficits due to its approval of increased service authorizations, which is the reason for the 2011/12 Rate Adjustment Factor. This supplemental in state dollars would be matched by the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) at 55 percent.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette states that Department of Public Welfare (DPW) Secretary Alexander has received approval from the US Department of Agriculture to implement a $2,000 asset test limit for eligibility for food stamps. This becomes effective May 1.  PCPA is asking providers to tell us how this will impact individuals receiving services and if they will be eliminated from using food stamps. It is interesting that DPW has made this move, since it has encouraged providers to seek other sources of revenue to help cover residential homes ineligible costs of room and board. Please let Linda Drummond know if consumers will be impacted by this change.

The January 17 IDD Committee session is being presented by the Human Services Research Institute. “Developing Individual Budgets and Reimbursement Levels Using the Supports Intensity Scale,” one of their publications, is included. This is your opportunity to ask questions regarding how states do resource allocations, use of the SIS, and its effectiveness in determining needs.

ODP has released the following information, available at www.odpconsulting.net:

  • Announcement #001-12: PA’s Outcomes Training Live Sessions. Four newly-rescheduled sessions in January. Required training for SCs, SC Supervisors, and AE staff who review and/or approve plans.
  • HCSIS Update: Claims processing issue for SC waiver claims. HCSIS Release 6.14.0 to be implemented January 21.

DPW is consolidating the number of agencies that provide Financial Management Services to Medicaid enrollees who receive home and community based services. Currently the state has 37 agencies providing this service to 22,000 people. DPW is reducing this to up to three entities. This service will be provided to those in the Office of Long Term Living and ODP programs. The Request for Proposal for this service, which will start January 1, 2013, is available at www.emarketplace.state.pa.us/search.aspx.

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