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IDD Update
January 17, 2013

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has released Bulletin #6400-13-01 and Informational Memo #007-13: Clarifying the Applicability of Chapter 6400 to Private Homes – Statement of Policy, which is effective immediately. The bulletin states that Chapter 6400 does not apply to private homes of persons providing care to a relative with mental retardation/intellectual disability. The department is clarifying that the private home exclusion includes homes leased or owned by individuals with intellectual disability or their families. These homes are not subject to licensure. However, a residential home that is owned or leased by a provider is not a private home and is required to be licensed under Chapter 6400. This includes homes owned or leased by the provider and then leased to the individual or their family.

The Bureau of Human Service Licensing has provided additional clarification regarding this licensing issue. Providers must provide in writing any request to remove a community home from the agency’s license that results from the clarification set forth in Bulletin #6400-13-01. Questions may be directed to the ODP Regional Office Waiver Capacity Manager and licensing issues may be directed to the BHSL Provider Hotline at 866-503-3926.

ODP Announcement #006-13: ODP Cost Report Information for Waiver Transportation Providers is available at www.odpconsulting.net.

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