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IDD Update
January 20, 2015

IDD Providers Survey
The February 12, RCPA Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Committee will include discussion with the state’s Legislative Budget and Finance Committee’s (LBFC) staff, who is developing a study based on House Resolution 903 of 2014, to conduct a comprehensive review and issue a report on ODP’s implementation of the 1999 Supreme Court ruling in Olmstead v. L.C. This ruling stipulated that people with disabilities should receive care in the most integrated setting appropriate and that unnecessary institutionalization violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The topics LBFC would like to discuss with RCPA members that serve individuals with IDD include:

  1. Pay range offered by providers to direct support staff;
  2. Average turnover of providers’ direct support staff;
  3. Current capacity for community placements (and level of services), and identification of services needed to facilitate additional community-based placements;
  4. Identification of DHS policies that may inhibit the growth of home and community-based services;
  5. The number of IDD individuals community providers are now serving that had previously been in state ID centers or MH hospitals; and
  6. What is the biggest hurdle for providers regarding offering/providing services to persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities?

Please submit your information, which will be held confidential, to RCPA’s Linda Drummond by February 3. Also, please be prepared to discuss your responses to these questions at the February 12 IDD Committee meeting.

ODP Waiver Rule Transition Plan
The state’s Waiver Rule Changes Transition plans for home and community-based services are open for public comment until February 2. Stakeholders’ comments may be submitted to RA-odpcomment@pa.gov. Please share your comments with RCPA’s Policy Specialist Linda Drummond by January 29 to be included with the agency’s comments. The January 16, RCPA IDD Update includes links to the Department of Human Services waiver transition documents.

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