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IDD Update
March 8, 2012

PCPA will submit comments to ODP regarding the Act 22 regulation revisions March 8. Linda Drummond thanks all members that participated on the March 6 conference call and that have emailed written comments and issues to assist in completion of these. The House Human Services Committee is meeting with Department of Public Welfare (DPW) Secretary Alexander March 8 and asked for a copy of PCPA comments, which we were glad to share. Members that would like a copy should contact Linda Drummond (linda@paproviders.org).

March 7 was the House Appropriations Committee’s budget hearing with DPW. Rep. Gene DiGirolamo, Republican chairman, House Human Services Committee, issued a press release opposing the drastic cuts and changes to human services funding. Link to the press release: http://www.genedigirolamo.com/NewsItem.aspx?NewsID=13823

Legislative Affairs Director Anne Leisure, Lobbyist Morgan Plant, and the IDA Coalition have been very busy making legislative visits regarding the state’s budget issues and the impact on agencies, services and the individuals served. Watch for an update on these activities.

The County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania has developed a statement regarding the Human Services Development Fund block grant proposal for 2012/13. Its recommendations are that the block grant be piloted first in counties that  have the structure already in place to coordinate services using this method. They also call for level funding of the grants and have not agreed to the 20 percent cut in funding.

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has informed counties that there will be an additional freeze of five percent ($8.326 million state funds) on the ID waiver administration ($2,374,024 state and federal funds) and base maintenance ($7,152,488 state funds) for the current year, 2011/12. Counties may request to change the mix of reductions between these two categories or they may renegotiate contracts with those who provide base program services.

DPW has already issued notices of audits to be conducted through the Bureau of Financial Operations (BFO) to 50 agencies. The department has indicated these are just the beginning of 1,000 audits. PCPA is holding a Southeast Regional Meeting April 2 at NHS, Blue Bell specifically addressing “Audit and Compliance Issues for Providers”. BFO staff will present. PCPA is also coordinating a similar meeting on April 23 for the Southwest Region, More information is available from the Meeting Notices page.

On March 16, ODP Deputy Secretary Friel will meet with families and individuals with autism and intellectual disability in Allegheny County. Families interested in participating should contact ACHIEVA at 412-995-5000, x420.
ODP Updates are available at www.odpconsulting.net:

  • Informational Memo #016-12: Reprocessing Scheduled for SC Waiver Claims. AE and SCO Action Requested
  • Announcement #017-12: Corrective Action Plan Process to Support AE Oversight, Provider & SCO Monitoring Webcast Now Available
  • Announcement #018-12: Health Aging for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Lesson 1: Overview
  • Informational Memo #019-12: Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania Review
  • Informational Packet #020-12: Certified Investigation Summary
  • Informational Memo #021-12: Reprocessing Schedule for SC and TSM Waiver Claims That Were Denied Due to CIS Interface Issues

The Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference “Envisioning Autism Services: Practical Strategies and Solutions” is June 12-14, at the Eden Resort, Lancaster. Information will be posted at www.autisminpa.org.

A reminder to RSVP for the March 20 IDD Committee Meeting at the Doubletree Resort, Lancaster. This meeting will feature 10 member presentations to Rep. Tom Murt regarding ODP funding issues and a presentation by Fred Lokuta on the new ODP/OMHSAS joint initiative on dually diagnosed individuals.

The SCO Subcommittee will also be meeting on March 20, starting at 12:30 p.m. Please RSVP following the link on the PCPA Meeting Notice.

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