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IDD Updates
March 10 - 14, 2011

Certified Investigators
PCPA has heard that providers are often finding it difficult to locate a Certified Investigator when needed. If this is an issue, please let Linda Drummond know. Columbus Organization, ODP’s subcontractor for certified investigation trainings, have the following upcoming courses listed to the LMS or www.odpinvestigations.com and May trainings are being coordinated for the Central and Northeast regions:

  • Achieva (Pittsburgh/Western), March 21 – 24, Filled
  • Devereux Pocono Center (Northeast), March 29 – April , 6 seats available
  • Verland (Pittsburgh/Western), April 18 – 21, 5 seats available
  • Horizon House (Philly/Southeast), April 26 – 29, Registration Open
  • Philly MRS (Southeast), June 6 – 9, Registration Open
  • Mercer (Western), June 13 – 16, 30 seats available
  • Lancaster PSTC (Central), June 27 – 30, 25 seats available

Upcoming HCSIS Update Release 6.11.10 for implementation in April include:

  • Addition of two ODP reports: Provider Monitoring and SCO Monitoring Reports;
  • Addition to the IM4Q module to record and monitor individual considerations;
  • Launch of Enterprise Incident Management  to support th Office of Long Term Living and the Bureau of Autism Services incident management;
  • Creation of two Data Warehouse dashboards to monitor ODP AE performance; and
  • Elimination of the SC Services (W7210) cost for the Plan Budget Total field on the Service Details screen.

ODP Alert #035-11: Flooding Predicted for March 11 through March 12. Suggests agencies prepare for this weather emergency. Each AE has an Emergency Management Team to assist providers.

ODP  Announcement #036-11: SCO Resource List Now Available. The resources available at http://scoic.odpconsulting.net/ are intended to aid SCOs in establishing a new location to deliver supports coordination services in Pennsylvania or in establishing themselves as new providers of supports coordination services for ODP under the Consolidated and Person/Family Directed Support Home and Community Based waivers.

ODP Alert #037-11: Interim ODP Guidance for Fiscal Year 2011-12 ISP Renewal Period. In April ODP is planning to issue a detailed communication to provide guidance regarding the 2011/12 ISP renewal period. ODP advises Supports Coordinators to wait until this guidance is received before creating drafts for ISP renewal plans in HCSIS in order to eliminate a high volume of critical revisions. The alert provides action needed if the Supports Coordinator has already created an ISP renewal draft. Direct any questions to regional ODP offices.

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