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IDD Update
March 28, 2011

This update provides a variety of information regarding state and national  issues. All information, including announcements, is available by contacting Linda Drummond.

Governor Corbett’s proposed 2011/12 budget includes a policy change related to ineligible room and board payments for residential providers. This change, called the Program Integrity Initiative, would limit state reimbursement of Office of Developmental Programs (ODP)-funded group homes for federally ineligible costs to 72 percent of the individual’s SSI plus up to $7,000 additional from state funding. PCPA has sent a survey to members to help determine the financial impact this would have on meeting provider costs. This information will be used to advocate with our legislators.

ODP waiver funded direct service providers subject to audit requirements must upload audited financial statements to the ODP cost report web site by March 31. Details were provided in ODP Announcement #012-11.

The US Supreme Court is hearing arguments on Independent Living Center of Southern California v. Maxwell-Jolly. Due to California’s budget deficit year, provider rates were substantially cut. One issue regards the provider's ability to seek remedy in federal court demonstrating the state has violated Medicaid by paying low rates. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is working on a rule that could give providers a way to challenge state rate-setting.

Housing: A report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development finds that over one million households including nonelderly with disabilities had “Worse Case Housing Needs of People with Disabilities.” Worse case needs are very-low income renters who do not receive government housing assistance that paid more than half of their monthly income for rent or lived in severely substandard conditions. Information and access to the report is available at www.disability.gov/housing/news_%26_events.

The Department of Public Welfare (DPW), through a collaborative effort with the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency and the Self-Determination Housing Project, is holding a Housing Summit on April 6 at the Sheraton Harrisburg/Hershey. Details and registration are available at www.dshp.org.

Works for Me, a state project addressing employment solutions for people with disabilities, is holding free trainings - “A Practical Introduction to the Work Incentives Available for People with Disabilities.. Information covered includes helping individuals collect SSI/SSDI and Medicaid benefits while working and resources about work incentives. Details and registration available at www.worksforme-pa.org, select "Events."

The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation has released its draft “Combined Agency State Plan for 2012.” Public hearings on the plan were conducted across the state during March. Information is provided regarding supported employment services and cooperative agreements with non-profit agencies and state departments.

The Bureau of Autism Services is offering training opportunities on “Functional Behavioral Assessment and Treatment Plan Development.” Current trainings are available in Bethlehem and Villanova. Details are available at http://bastraining.tiu11.org.

The Southwest ADA Center announces the Disability Law Handbook is available at www.swdbtac.org/html/publications/dlh/index.html. The FAQ format provides information on the ADA, ADA amendments, Rehabilitation Act, Social Security, IDEA, and Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act.

ODP Updates available at www.odpconsulting.net:

  • Bulletin #00-11-02: Service Definitions for the PA Mental Retardation Program Re-Issues. The bulletin is effective retroactive to July 1, 2010.
  • Announcement #040-11: Year 3 Provider Cost Report and Desk Review Debrief Townhall and PowerPoint Presentation materials available.
  • Informational Packet #041-11: Revisions to Participant-Directed Services Fee Schedule Rates for Agency with Choice Financial Management Services.
  • Information Packet #041-11: Revisions to Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent FMS Wage and Benefit Ranges for Participant-Directed Services.
  • Announcement #043-11: Annual AE Quality Management Plan Implementation. AE Quality Management Quarterly Report Template and Evaluation Tool are now posted at the AE Information Center.
  • Informational Memo #045-11: Fiscal Year 2010-11 Services and Rates Update. ODP has issued several documents related to services and rate updates which include #041-11 and 042-11 on FMS wage ranges.
  • Bulletin #00-11-02 Reissued Service Definitions. Pennsylvania bulletin notice adding home finding and supported employment to the fee schedule. 

The Bureau of Autism Services has now opened registration for the 4th Annual Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference, May 3-5, at the Eden Resort, Lancaster. Details and registration are available at www.solutionwhere.com/bastraining/cw/main.asp.

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